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29 Killed in a series of bombing

I just read a news about series of bombing in Baghdad just outside mosques. The bombings have killed at least 29 people and wound more than 130 people. When this bombing thing going to stop.

You can view the footage taken form the bombing scene here.

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Bombing in Baghdad is like a regular stories nowadays. Just imagine you lived in Baghdad, doing your daily activity with feeling a bomb could blast anywhere around you. How they want to lived with that kind of fear.

Just think about their kids, teenager, how they are going to get education with those kind bomb, body scattered around the road, the blood and it happen just outside the Mosque. A place where people should have calm while doing their prayer.

I don’t watch news anymore if it involving bombing scene or war scene. Especially when it shows children that injured or died. I have a daughter, I couldn’t imagine how their parents took that kind of situation.

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