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10 Fact Anger Don’t Tell You

momoc-blog-anger-managementWhat is anger? Anger is a natural emotion that which usually coz a negative result. Anger evolve from a small feeling of worried into violence act which uncontrollable. An anger which have been around since we born can be accepted by society if you know how to control it.

When you are in situation of anger, your heart bead fast and coz your blood pressure increase rapidly. Breathing become fast and this al because of natural body hormone adrenaline and noradrenalin increase make your body feel strong and active.

Anger evolved from the continuous event. Example you late for work which cause the worried feeling being penalize by your employer then on the way to the office stuck in a traffic jam. Then someone who driving side your car suddenly change lane and overtake the lane.

This kind of situation can increase the emotion of anger inside you and continuously turn into negative act like shouting the bad or dirty word towards others. And if its not manageable it will turn into rage and violence.

Below are 10 things which anger don’t tell you:

Anger can kill someone – how may times we read on the newspaper people kill because of revenge being cheat or revenge.

Anger can hurt your wife/husband – uncontrolled anger in the family especially husband and wife can cause violence in marriage and sometimes coz to deaths especially about budget problem.

Anger can hurt your children – In the process of growing, children need full of intention and love. But anger can make your children grow with interrupted emotion, especially teenager.

Anger can kill your career/job – In the process of building career there will be problems, rival in the office can cause stress and with less patient in someone can coz inappropriate act like punch your officemate. Then it will make the management to discard you from the company.

Anger can make you lost friends – People who have problems in control of their anger usually have less friends.

Anger society will mark you as violence – Society – the nearest is your neighbors. People always talk about other people and exaggerate. You will be one of those topic and be mark as violence neighbor.

Anger coz to an accident – Some people will try to avoid uncontrollable anger by leaving from the fight that occur before by driving away with a high speed. Driving with emotion is like driving with a high level of alcohols.

Anger high blood pressure increased – If you have a high blood pressure you can cause ill to your self as a high blood pressure patient need to be in calm environment always.

Anger makes a drastic decision – Anger can make you not to think wisely and usually take a drastic decision and the decision always not the good solution. Imagine if you are the President of USA or North Korea, I’m sure there will be a nuclear holocaust in our region.

The technique which can reduce your anger is:

If you are standing try to sit, and if you still in anger lie down. If this not decreased your anger, take a bath. Try this you will see your anger decrease before you burst and do anything foolish.

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