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Hi, welcome to my blog. Momoc…may be you are wondering what is momoc blog. Momoc is pronunciations of ‘momok’ – one of the scariest ghosts at my place. I choose Momoc coz it easier to remember as I want to make it easy for you to remember my blog. We always make a scare tactic to a children by saying “momok!!”.. : ) . I`m from Malaysia, its located is south east Asia and usually known with the KLCC Twin Tower – the tallest twin towers in the world.

This blog just a personal blog of me and things I would like to share with you all readers out there especially my HDR photography. Since I bought my Canon 400D, HDR a high dynamic range photography change my photography live and make it more interesting. In this blog you will find my daily photography activity and I will try to post every single day with my HDR photo taken mostly around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

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  1. David Jr says:

    Hello Momoc Man,

    Firstly let me say you have some nice HRD pictures here. Next, I would like to inform you that I used one of your pictures on my blog site with a credit back to your site and hope that is alright. I used the Alamanda Shopping HDR picture for your information. I hope you do not mind and thank you again.

    Malaysia Asia

  2. momoc says:

    Thanks David….no problem and can use my other photos as long I get the link back… : )

  3. Annamir says:

    Tahniah sahabat, blog yg mengujakan 🙂
    Teknik HDR saudara pun ada citarasa tersendiri! Keep it up!

  4. momoc says:

    Terima Kasih…Please come again.. : )

  5. Pooi Pooi says:

    Hi Momoc,
    I would like to know how can you apply for the permission to go into the UPM Farm? May I know the procedure that how you apply it? I will really appreciate if you can help me on these question.. Thank you!!

  6. momoc says:

    Hi Pooi Pooi..I don’t have then answer for that, coz I shoot outside the boundary of UPM farm. One thing you can do, go to their website and find the contact number. The big tree at they at the entrance which they usually shot for wedding, as long as I know they didn’t ask for permission. The UPM is aware of this and as long you don’t go further inside I think it wouldn’t be a problem.

  7. jo.widya says:

    Photonya bagus-bagus, kawan…
    It’s nise site… 😀

  8. momoc says:

    terima kasih…

  9. aina esfahan says:

    hi mr momoc,

    1stly, u r a very creative guy.
    2ndy, all d pics on tis site are very impressive, congrats.
    3rdly, if we wanna use ur pics in our commercial project, how much do we hv to pay? n how?


  10. momoc says:

    I have give the price on your email.. at aina.esfahan@yahoo.com

  11. MrPayid says:


    hi, congrats.. there a lot of HDR pictures here.. actually i’m from training centre locate at UIA and i’m planning to organize HDR class maybe end of Oct 2010.. if u interested to be our trainer for this 2days training, just email to me


  12. momoc says:

    Ok..I will contact you soon…:)

  13. exinco says:

    hi, you have a good skill. keep it up and make money from it

  14. The_Widow says:

    some very inspirational shots there… would you allow some one to use them as inspiration for a landscape painting? i desperately need practice at landscape painting but most landscape photos i run across are banal.. yours are truly inspirational

  15. YOUSF ALI says:

    It is really very nice . you are talent .

    Best regards



  16. bain says:

    salam bro momok ^_^

    thank you for sharing your HDR photography lessons…Bain banyak belajar dari bro momok especially your HDR and photography techniques.

    FYI, currently I’m using digicam yg biasa² aja (nak memiliki dslr masih belum mampu:)…and from bro momok i’ve learned a lot. Thank you so much bro.

  17. momoc says:

    Salam…kalau nak beli DSLR yg entry level dan minat ngan HDR…beli Canon..senang nak shoot bracket…kalau nak beli Nikon..beli d200 ke atas sebab boleh bracket ngan timer…tak payah tekan banyak kali shutter

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